YAMALUBE Yamaha Fuel Stabilizer and Condition Plus – 32oz – ACC-FSTAB-PL-32



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Strongly recommended for E10 fuels, this alcohol-free formula helps prevent fuel oxidation (when ethanol absorbs moisture from air) and phase separation from moist, rich air. When used continuously, it keeps fuel fresh, potent and free from gum and varnish for up to one year of storage. Its metal filmers, provide extensive protection for steel and aluminum components.

May be used with Yamalube Ring Free Plus. Normal usage is 1 oz. Fuel Stabilizer & Conditioner PLUS to every 3 gallons of fresh gasoline.  For storage over 2 months add 1 oz of Fuel Stabilizer & Conditioner to every 1 gallon of fresh gasoline.  Run the engine for several minutes to circulate the treated fuel and top off the tank with treated fuel to minimize condensation in the tank.

• Keeps fuel fresh and potent during prolonged storage up to a year.

• Prevents gum and varnish deposits.

• Draining fuel for storage is not necessary with the use of this product.

• Cleans Carburetor Systems-Dissolves gum and varnish in fuel system.

• Corrosion Inhibitor-Protects against corrosion in carburetor and fuel systems.

• Prevents carburetor icing and gas line freeze.

• Absorbs water in fuel line system and extends spark plug life.

Legacy Part No. 1 LUB-FUELC-40-00
Legacy Part No. 2 ACC-FUELC-ND-40
Legacy Part No. 3 ACC-FUELC-ND-32
Manufacturer Yamaha


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